sâmbătă, 27 iunie 2009

transformers parody or new(future) mailing system?!

So what's it gonna be? What's for sure is that these french people want to take over the world :p

sâmbătă, 20 iunie 2009

What are you gonna do this summer?

This video I found in an email touched me and made me really think what I'm gonna do this summer. Sincerely I don't know yet, but I felt really happy after watching this video, so happy that I watched it 4 more times and shared it with everyone on every channel I knew. It's just beautiful!!!

If you know of any other video's like this, that show fun and youth and summer, please share them with me :D


marți, 16 iunie 2009

On filesystems in Windows and Linux

If you're interested in filesystem details, architecture, design, advantages and disadvantages, flaws and where they came from, then this read is as beautiful and as informative as it can be. If you're working in an IT field you should read this to say the least. If you're a windows or linux system administrator then you *must* read this!

I stumbled upon this with stumbleupon and I can see why other people like this article so much. This must be a subscribe for everyone is serious in IT business :)

Again the link is this:

marți, 9 iunie 2009

The new iPhone 3G S

The new iPhone just launched, much sooner than I was expecting but not too soon anyway hehe and it looks great! Movies recording, copy/paste, compass, wow! Of course these are cool now until you get to work with them and really see how they are actually functioning but still they seem very promising and what's the best is the longer promised battery life and the faster processor which makes everything very smooth.

Check it out at the official apple page

Can't hardly wait :D