sâmbătă, 20 iunie 2009

What are you gonna do this summer?

This video I found in an email touched me and made me really think what I'm gonna do this summer. Sincerely I don't know yet, but I felt really happy after watching this video, so happy that I watched it 4 more times and shared it with everyone on every channel I knew. It's just beautiful!!!

If you know of any other video's like this, that show fun and youth and summer, please share them with me :D


2 comentarii:

puiu spunea...

foarte foarte tare ideea asta de concediu, daca rezolvi asa ceva sa ma anunti....

Ciprian Pantea spunea...

ar fi superb dar ma tem ca suntem prea prinsi in viata asta serioasa a noastra focusata pe cariera si bani si succes si... intelegi tu... se cere o doza puternica de miserupism ca sa indraznesti sa intreprinzi o asemenea aventura! ce noroc ca nu se cere nimic pentru a o visa :D

btw stii de la cine am linkul? de la presa de la best din semnatura ei :p(thanks Ancutza :D)