marți, 7 aprilie 2009

Revolution in Moldavia!

For who is not on twitter and who didn't open the tv already, a revolution started in Moldavia as it seems because the communist party won the last elections with over 50%.

Our thoughts go to our friends in Moldavia, specifically the BEST people from LBG Chisinau. Please guys, be careful.

This may very well be the first revolution in the history of mankind that is broadcasted on the internet. People in the revolution are sending twitter messages with updates. Some good links are as follows:,,4158529,00.html?maca=rum-rss-rom-all-1493-rdf

Also if you want to see all messages on twitter about this check the following link:

An unconfirmed rumor is that one small girl died already caught in the movement of the masses, a friend says that the police did it.

Also another rumor at this moment is that police started fire against the protestants. For romanian readers check this:

Check also some pictures from the scene with protestants vandalizing the parliament:

Also check this blog entry, seems to be very updated:

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