miercuri, 13 mai 2009

RDFa technology

Following a blog entry on sitepoint about google supporting RDFa technology lately I became curious and read more about it and found some pretty impressive stuff about it.

If people start using this standard of labeling the information in the webpages, pretty soon we'll have a much more organized internet database to browse, search and sort.

One very good explanation about what RDFa is and how it does what it does can be found at the following official address:
and also if you're a html coder then your best link is this:

Already google is integrating some of this data labeling into it's search results and supposedly the sites that use RDFa according to google's help on RDFa tagging will benefit from a different display in the search results google. Will google guys also modify the positioning algorithms according to this data? Probably... But not yet... the internet needs to adopt and implement the RDFa technology first and then it will be logical to use this data for it's results. If google would do it sooner, lots of people would profit from this in various black hat methods.

Anyway, read about RDFa and embrace this technology for the future of internet as a large database.

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